Industrial Rainforest

(written on a scrap of paper in the middle of the night...posted a few hours late.)

So, it’s 1:50 in the morning and the birds are chirping. Who sings at 1:50 in the morning?! You never realize how frustrating chirping birds are until you are trying to sleep...or maybe it’s cuz you just finished a stress management project for your health class. Oh I hear the train. We’re living in an industrial rainforest! I’ve decided, CBU is definitely a nocturnal community. No one sleeps, not even the birds. Next time you feel like going to Disneyland, save yourself the $70 and come to OUR Tiki Room.

Shut up birds! Shut up train! Goodnight.

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One Response to “ Industrial Rainforest ”

Yvette said...

i don't think i would want to pay $70 to see your tiki room. that's not the only thing to see at disneyland!!

...MAN, we should have a cousin's day at disneyland!!!!

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