Microsoft Word is not a Christian.

Microsoft Word is not a Christian. I have decided.

Why does it not care if "Jesus Christ" is capitalized or not, but then underlines "internet" in green when it is left uncapitalized? Is the internet more deserving than Jesus Christ? Apparently to the Microsoft Corporation...

Well, actually, Microsoft might be Catholic. I remember writing a paper that had "virgin Mary" in it. But every time I wrote it, it automatically capitalized the word "virgin." Apparently that's a proper title that must be capitalized. And just to test it out, I tried it with my name. Nope, "virgin Elizabeth" was not capitalized. Microsoft does not recognize my virginity. Sad.

Summary of this blog:
1. Jesus is Lord.
2. The internet is not God.
3. I am a virgin.

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6 Responses to “ Microsoft Word is not a Christian. ”

raychill said...

haha. oh man. this made me laugh.

Yvette said...

hahahahaha! thank you for blogging your hilariousness.

liiiz! said...

haha i'm glad it made you both laugh :]

Yvette said...

i just checked your page to see if you blogged again and i realized that the title of this blog made me think of what my mom always says when i call my brother stupid: "is that the christian way???"

hahaha do your parents throw that one in your face?

liiiz! said...

sorta...but with different words. lol.

Jillian McLaughlin said...

hahah i like this.

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