Pub Ministry.

I guess I'll humor everyone. I'll share an England story.

It was the day of the last roadshow before Creationfest. This roadshow was going to take place in Wadebridge at the Town Hall. The flyers had been passed out and we hoped that this roadshow would really reach the people of the community. Funny thing was, as the clocked ticked, it didn't seem like very many people from the community were showing up. There was a crowd, but that was mostly people from our church and from Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale and a scattered bunch of local believers. So much for outreach—or so we thought.

Rachel hears of an open mic night just two doors down at the local pub. All of a sudden, people from our team are heading over to the pub. Talk about being lights in the darkness! It was incredible! The night ended out with the full Scott Cunningham band leading worship at the pub! Who would have ever thought that would even be possible?! God is SO good!

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Jennifer Carbajal said...

That is so amazing! I love how God surprises us like that. When we think we know what is coming He takes us for a ride!

aprilmclean said...

That's AWESOME!! :D lol

Jacob said...

Wow that's so cool!

Allison said...

That IS cool, VERY cool :D

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