Too Much?

"Keep two books on your nightstand at all times: one fiction, one non-fiction."

I came across this little nugget of advice the other day. Ironically, it is something I already do....yet I have way more than 2 books. Maybe I read too much at the same time? I donno.

I used to think there was no such thing as reading too much at the same time but now I'm beginning to wonder. Everything gets all jumbled up in your head. Should I cut down? What do you think?

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One Response to “ Too Much? ”

Marshall Jones Jr. said...

I don't have a definite response for that one. I've done both.

This year, I'm reading a lot less books. Last year, I read about 50.

I think you can definitely read too much, though. Information overload is more of a problem in our culture than the opposite. That said, reading multiple books at the same time gives a different perspective because you end up comparing the books to one another, even indirectly.

For me, I like to go back and forth between reading a lot (wider) and reading little (deeper).

So yeah, not sure that helps, but there you go. :>)

-Marshall Jones Jr.

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