"Homeless for the Holidays"

I'm a sucker for cheesy Christian movies. Many people don't like them, but I looooove them. And they ALWAYS make me cry. No matter what the topic, I will cry. (Mind you, I'm not even a cryer!)

Team Buzzplant provided me with a free copy of "Homeless for the Holidays" so I could review it. It easily made its way to the top of my list of the best cheesy Christian movies I have ever seen. And the only thing that made it cheesy was the fact that it was a low budget project. But for being a low budget film, they did a really good job! And it definitely helped that this movie was based on a true story!

This movie is about a man who has a high paying executive job. But after some sketchiness in the office, he ends taking the blame for something he didn't do and losing his job so the rest of the company could stay afloat. The whole time I was watching this movie, I couldn't believe that these events actually took place! Everything that happened to this man were completely unfair. (Who ever said life was fair anyway?) The movie documented the progression of time as he remained jobless with no income to provide for his family.

The thing that touched me the most was the reaction of his children. That's what got me thinking. If I were a young child, I don't think I would be so considerate. I would be unwilling to part with the life I was used to. But these children were appreciative even in the hard times! And what's even more touching is that they still desired to bless others even though they barely had anything of their own! Ugh! Tear jerker! You just gotta watch it! It's definitely a family film that teaches a lot of good lessons.

To learn more about it or to purchase it, go to http://homelessfortheholidaysmovie.com. (It can also be purchased at select Christian bookstores.

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5 Responses to “ "Homeless for the Holidays" ”

Yvonne said...

Wanna share a tissue with me?

Liz! said...

YES! let's watch it together next time we see each other! :)

Yvonne said...

Ok, i've never seen it!

Have you seen New in Town? Not exactly a Cheesy Christian, but close!

Liz! said...

I have not! Now I want to!

Yvonne said...

It is really cute!
Dianne and Miss. Vicki made me watch it!
That statement ALONE should make you wanna see it! :)

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