Police Pursuit

Several hours ago, I witnessed the worst ending to a police pursuit that I had ever seen. After the police hesitated to perform a pit maneuver on the suspect because they didn't have a "safe opportunity," the suspect t-boned an innocent driver at quite a high speed. Immediately, I burst into tears.

It was about 11:38 pm when it happened. I had just gotten home at 11:15 pm and when I walked into my house, my dad already had the television on. He informed me that moments earlier, the suspect had driven right through my neighborhood. Casually I said, "Wow, good thing I missed it."

When the violent crash took place, it was as if a sudden reality check crashed into my heart. I missed it. By about 20 minutes. That could have very easily been me. God definitely holds the keys to life and holds each one of our breaths in His hands. At any moment, it could be taken away.

It is 2:19 am right now and I am unable to sleep. I am anxiously awaiting the state of this innocent victim.

Just a few moments ago, KNX 1070 said that the woman is in the UCS Medical Center with only minor injuries. I couldn't believe it at first. Minor injuries? After a t-bone crash of that impact? It could only be God.

I'm continuing to pray for this innocent woman. God can do miracles. There's no doubt about that.

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