Movie Moment

On Wednesday, I had a movie moment with a hott man.

The elevator door opened. He got on. We went down to the first floor and walked out of the elevator in the same direction. He held the door open for me. We ended up walking out of the building in the same direction. We kept walking just to find out we were parked right next to each other. He must have noticed the humor in the situation also because he started laughing and said, "Have a good night!"

Hahahahaha! :P

Did I mention he was wearing a suit and Ray Bans? :)

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4 Responses to “ Movie Moment ”

kansasmarie said...

Oh this sounds ridiculously yummy and movie-esque...I must say I'm jealous.

Liz! said...

it was indeed! :P

Yvonne said...

That is so legit! lol!
Hopefully you see him again...SOON!

Yvonne said...

P.S. Thanks to your Meet Cute story, I want to watch The Holiday!

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