When I was about sixteen years old, I gave God my personal timeline. I had my future completely planned out. I knew what was going to happen and when. My six year plan was infallible. Or so I thought.

I turned eighteen and noticed my prior plans weren't happening. God, where are you? Are you trying to teach me a lesson in patience? Twenty comes around. Another proposed milestone. Nothing. God, why are you silent? At this point, I was beginning to panic. I didn't understand what God was doing. My plan included Him so why wasn't He going along with it?

Looking back, I can see how much I've grown those seven years of my life. God was indeed teaching me a lesson in patience, but more importantly, He was teaching me a lesson in trust. Trusting that His ways are higher than my ways. Trusting that He would guide me as long as I remain on the right path. Trusting that His timing is MUCH better than my timing.

My six year plan has nearly been accomplished in one short month. I'm excited watching what God is doing in my life and hopeful for what He will continue to do. I am blessed beyond words.

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Jenna M. Dodson said...

It's amazing what God does in His own time and in His own way :)

Unknown said...

Indeed it is! :)

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