Noisy Neighbors

It's as if they followed me all the way from little old El Monte, California.


I keep reaching for the tv remote so I could lower the volume. Oh wait, I can't lower the volume on my noisy neighbors. Someone, please make them SHUT UP! I just want to be able to think for a moment.

I am so sick of loud music. Do you ever find yourself re-reading the same sentence over and over because you can't seem to grasp what it says? Welcome to my world. Do you ever get the most annoying songs stuck in your head and wonder how they even got in your head in the first place? Welcome to my world. Do you ever have to raise the volume on your phone because you can't hear what the person on the other line is saying even though you are home alone? Welcome to my world.

God, I don't know if You are trying to teach me patience or are just trying to grow my character. Either way, I don't know how much more I can handle. I feel as though I am losing my sanity! Please grant me some days of silence. 

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