Extreme Couponing—UK Style!

Well, today is the 3rd of December. Looking back, I didn't fail as miserably as I thought I would at the 30 Days of Thanks posts. Fourteen out of thirty. Just an F. Ha! Thankfully God isn't grading me. He still chooses to bless me even though I fail at thankfulness. His grace is too good.

Anyways, off topic, but I've been attempting to join the world of extreme couponers. This guy I know posted a picture on facebook the other day—it was a whole bunch of things his wife had purchased. They had a retail value of around $90 but the store paid her $8. How can I be that woman—in England?! I'm already OCD about using coupons at Tesco and shopping on mysupermarket.co.uk to make sure I am getting the best deal at the best store before I make even the cheapest purchase. I have been pretty proud of myself lately....I found a bunch of printable coupons on supersavvyme.co.uk and have downloaded apps like Quidco, Shopitize, and Shop Scan Save as well as signed up for online saving programs like Top Cashback.

Alas, I am not English. I feel like I might be missing out on the best super saver deals just because of ignorance. Therefore, this is my cry for help. If you are English, and can help me become an extreme couponer, I would greatly appreciate your help. Comments and suggestions are more than welcome!

Happy Shopping!

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