Content in Christ

Myspace blog post from January 5, 2008:

"…I have learned in whatever state I am, to be content." --Paul
Philippians 4:11b

This may be the nearly impossible resolution for the new year…to take on the mindset of the Apostle Paul and to be content. Not only financially and materially, but emotionally as well. I desire to be emotionally content with what I have. I have Jesus and that should be enough to fulfill me.

Mike Pilavachi in his book Soul Survivor: Finding Passion and Purpose in the Dry Places says it well: "Don't settle for a superficial version of Christianity. Superficial Christianity is the most boring thing in the world. Go for broke! Ask your Lord to take you deeper. Don't be satisfied any longer to exist in security; chose to live in adventure. Say yes to His plans for you, and as He begins to unfold them, stay there. Don't run away. Then you will come up from the desert, leaning on your lover, ready to be a voice and not another echo, equipped to change the world."

I'm ready, as tough as it may be, to run towards of the goal of contentment. My goal for the year (and for the rest of my life for that matter!) is to be completely content in Christ. Who's with me? :]

"Now godliness with contentment is great gain."
1 Timothy 6:6

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