the voice from the invisible woman.

Myspace blog post from January 23, 2008:

funny story of the day...

so, me and my roommate yvonne are walking down the stairs in the james building so we could go check our mail. we were talking and i didn't even notice anyone else was there...

i said to yvonne, "how in the world do i pull muscles in my sleep?" and she jokingly said back, "it's cuz you kick me all the time!"

all of a sudden we heard a came from what we first thought was an invisible person.

"maybe it's cuz you're cramping," the woman said. "do you eat bananas?
"uh....umm...not really." (while wondering WHO IS THIS CRAZY RANDOM STRANGER AND WHY IS SHE INTERVIEWING ME??)
"well, you should...cuz it has calcium and potassium & etc. in it."
"uhh thanks."

then...she walked her way and me and yvonne walked our way.

then came the sudden tears of laughter! hahahahahaha!

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4 Responses to “ the voice from the invisible woman. ”

raychill said...

welcome back to the world of adult blogs.

liiiz! said...

haha thanks. those ARE the best! lol.

Jillian McLaughlin said...

hahahahhaha i can totally imagine you guys hearing that :)

Yvonne said...

Jillian made it sound like we were hearing things.
It me it happend.

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