Back from England!

I'm back from England! Our team got back Thursday night, and I am finally getting around to writing a blog! I've been uploading my 1000+ pictures since I've got home to myspace, facebook, flickr, and myfabrik (although facebook is being a little dumb and hasn't worked yet).

Anyways, the trip was wonderful and such a blessing! Thank you to all of you for your prayer and support while we were there. 

When we first got to Woolacombe, the weather was super hot for England, which was actually kind of strange. I even got a farmer's tan again--bummer! The Sunday after we got there, a bunch of us went to the Calvary Chapel Woolacombe service that morning which was so awesome cuz it was outside on the grass overlooking the ocean! Talk about worshipping God while being surrounded by His beautiful creation! 

The next few days we spent going around to different towns and passing out flyers for Creationfest and sharing Jesus to people we met on the streets. Praise God for opening the eyes and ears of so many people! The day my group went to a town called Braunton, I was with Gaby and Kristi. We were getting a little discouraged cuz it was such a small town and it seemed like everyone had already got flyers and didn't wanna hear about Creationfest again. We sat down on a bench and were just kinda hanging out together when a guy walks behind us. Gaby gets up and hands him a flyer and tells him it was for a free music festival that weekend. The guy makes a comment about how he was amused by our American accents. (It was definitely a God thing to open the doors to talk to this guy by using something as simple as our amusing accents.) Anyways, we get to talking to this guy. He asks us, "Do you mind if I smoke?" and Gaby so spontaneously says, "Not if we can tell you about Jesus!" It was so amazing! We got to talk to this guy for like 45 minutes! He didn't get down on his knees and pray with us at the end of the conversation, but I definitely believe seeds were planted. (And he did let us pray for him before we left.) It was devastating to hear his story though. This guy had faced so much hurt in his life and had been hurt so much during his childhood from so-called religious people. He kept asking us the typical "How can a loving God...?" questions. Please keep this man in prayer if you remember...and I'm sure you'll never forget him once I tell you his very catchy name...Ozzy Osbourne. Anyways, that was just one of very many stories I have. Please pray for this man and pray for everyone else that was spoken to before, during, and after Creationfest. Pray that God would water the seeds that were planted and that these people would be opened to the truth!

The ministry opportunities did not end after our morning runs! Each of those nights, we went to Creationfest Roadshows! Those were pretty awesome as well! But then came the actual event. Setting up for Creationfest was interesting. It was pooooouring rain and it was so extremely muddy on that field. But that only made things more fun especially since we went out and bought rainboots. (Definitely a good investment!) When we finished setting up, they gave us our assignments. I was so happy to find out that I got retail! It was so much fun getting to sell merchandise and meet the bands and sooooo many other people! Shout out to the many friends I made from Christian Surfers UK! Basically, I could go on forever about how much I loved Creationfest, but this blog is already getting long! (But if you wanna hear any more specific stories, just ask me and I'll be more than happy to share them!)

Creationfest ended on Sunday, tear down was on Monday and then Tuesday we drove to Kingston University. Wednesday was our London day which was a lot of fun! I got to do some sightseeing and some shopping and then we came back home the next day! Pretty much, this trip was all around amazing and Lord willing, I will be able to go again next year!

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Milene said...

Nice post, and what blessed days you had in England! May God bless u guys even more on this ministry.
I'll pray for that man, i'm sure it wasn't coincidence to meet him there.
Take care :)

Yvette said...

sounds awesome! i'm glad you enjoyed it :)

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