Since when am I not the slow one??

Ever since I can remember, I have always been the slow one in school. I am always the last to finish assignments and I am always last to turn in tests. Well, apparently not this time. These graphic design classes are waaaaaayyyyyyyy too slooooooooooow. (Shout out to Rachel! I know you feel my pain!) In one of my graphic design classes, I finished my project earlier so my teacher gave me another one to keep me busy. I finished the second project before the rest of the class even finished the first! Then in this class (the one I'm sitting in and wasting time in right now) I finished my project early as well! Today was supposed to be "test print" day, but our teacher wanted to go around and look at people's work before having them test print. Problem: she already checked mine last week and I already test printed it! Our sketches for our next project were due today and I already did those too! Mannnnn, I cannot handle this slowness! I need some speed in my life! 

I apologize for that vent session. I just had to let it out.

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4 Responses to “ Since when am I not the slow one?? ”

David D. said...

Liz you super genius you. Nice to meet you.

Cindy said...

lol. Sounds like a fun class. sometimes rest is good.

we need to hang out sometime. i miss you.

Liz! said...

forgive me for not knowing, which cindy is this? lol.

Liz! said...

oh, and yes, i am a super genius. haha. not really.

but nice to meet you anyway. lol.

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