Three Cords.

Funny, I find myself getting a lot out of novels. Granted, they ARE christian novels so I guess that's the point. 

But anyways, in Where Yesterday Lives by Karen Kingsbury, there is a part that talks about how a rope of three cords isn't easily broken. In the novel, it was talking more along the lines of guy/girl relationships, but I think it applies to any sort of relationship. And that really got me thinking. Any friendship where God is left out just seems to fall apart. And that makes sense. When there are only two cords, if one breaks, the rope is then broken. But when one out of three cord breaks, the rope is still there! I've seen that happen a few times in some of my friendships. Even in friendships where my friend and I are both Christians, there are situations where God is left out of our relationships. And that's when problems arise. 

I guess I am seeing more and more these days the importance of Christ being right in the center of everything. Not just his name being tagged along, but His very being right there with me in everything.  Somewhat of a struggle at times, but after all, I am human. It's a learning process. 

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 Lord, Thank you for my Sweet Friend. I ask that You would bless her because she is such a blessing. Fill her heart with joy and her days with Laughter
Remind her of how special she is and how much she is loved. Keep our hearts close to each other and to You, because that’s truly wonderful place to be.
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