Facebook Stranger.

He requested me on facebook. I didn't recognize his picture. But we had fifteen mutual friends from my church so I figured there'd be no harm in adding him.

All of a sudden, he sent me an IM on facebook chat asking me if I knew this one guy from cbu...which I didn't. Then he starts chatting. He goes to a couple of services at my church that I go to so I guess I have probably seen him before.

I don't know why this guy keeps talking to me.

All of a sudden, he says, "You know what the enemy uses the most to get us away from God? Especially when ur single."

Awkward. I don't know you. Why are you asking me this?

He goes on to say, "Well for my single friends and I ...i noticed that we talk about our future wives all the time. and for the past 2 weeks now that verse mathew 6:33 has been very true. All we need is to seek the Lord."

Hmm, ok. Maybe God is trying to tell me something through a stranger. Maybe? Umm, still a little awkward though.

He keeps talking. I don't know why I just didn't sign off. I probably should have. 

More chatting. Small talk.

All of a sudden...THE question...."Hey when you come back from break you wanna get a cup of coffee sometime?"

Oh dear. A stranger just asked me to coffee. Awkward.

Somehow, I blow off the question. More small talk. Finally, I tell him I need to get going because I have to get to class. It's one of those long, repetitive goodbyes. He tells me to say hi to him if I ever see him at church. I have to be the one to say hi because he claims, "I am bad with faces..."

But it was the rest of that sentence that added more awkwardness to the already awkward situation.

"...maybe not with u."

Ahh! This facebook stranger who wants to go to coffee with me is gonna remember my face even though he is bad with faces! Awkward!!!

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Yvette said...

ummm can we say, in the words of my father, "DR. WEIRDO!"

...you have to delete this guy. his intentions are obvious. creepy!

Amy said...

as i would say....
can you say delete?
can you say see and run? :)
be safe!

Jillian said...


Faith said...

Oh me oh My! THat is quite awkward!

carly said...

oh man that is weird....LOL...this kind of reminds me of my friend and this guy that used to stalk her at church and text her all the time...creepy.

K.C. said...

You know, he is probably reading your blog too! ;)

Liz! said...

oh, i deleted him from my facebook friends before i put the link to this blog on my facebook!! hahaha!

julsie said...

"Ahh! This facebook stranger who wants to go to coffee with me is gonna remember my face even though he is bad with faces! Awkward!!!"

Oh my goodness hahahahaha

aprilmclean said...

Oh dear! Haha!

Anonymous said...


RJ McCauley said...

Huh. Thats interesting...can you say DENIED! lol. Hey, Melissa just started a Facebook and wants me to have one, but i cant deal with Facebook, and you gave me one more reason not too, lol! I like your header pic, its trendy. Good rambling. Blessings Liz!

Liz! said...

oh rj, you should start a facebook anyway! those crazy facebook people wont bother you!!

Allison said...

HAHAHAHA o boy...super funny, let me know how it goes during break ;) you know, the coffee date ;) lol jk

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