My printer doesn't like long papers.

My printer is bipolar.

First of all, it's strange. It prints backwards, starting with the last page and ending with the first. I started printing my long exegetical printed pages 13 to 5...and then it got stuck. poop!

it kept printing weird looking pages as if the ink was out. but i was way too lazy to go to the library.

i went to the kitchen for our stocking decorating party. i was there for like an hour. apparently, a miracle bug landed on my printer within that hour.

i came back to my room and attempted printing once more. and it worked! YAY! and it even let me print the other random things i had to attach to my paper! yay for 17-page papers! lol.

i guess my printer just doesn't like long papers.

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5 Responses to “ My printer doesn't like long papers. ”

Amy said...

printers: an annoying necessity when it comes to college :) i wonder if the pretend to be goofed up just so htey can hold your attention longer.... hmmm... the things i wonder about... my goodnesss... i need sleep...

K.C. said...

what was the paper on?

Liz! said...

it was on philippians 2:1-18! =]

Anonymous said...

hmm...i have the same printer, and so far i haven't had any problems. not that i can think of lol. but then again, i definately have never printed 17 pages in a row. whoa that's intense. oh liz you're so smart.
btw i think it's pretty cool that it prints it backwards. makes it easy so that when it's all done i can just print it and don't have to bother switching the order.

Michael Berger said...

Ok, there is a new post about the Christmas dinner, are you coming? And can you post something hinting about your white elephant if you are?

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