Milk bottles are very durable. Jen, Janette, and I learned that yesterday. They make for an excellent way to relieve frustration - just bang them on a table! Waaaaay better than squeezing a stress ball and way better than breaking pencils.

I had a great day with Jen and Janette yesterday. It's kinda cool to catch up with the high school besties. They know the new me, yet they also know the old me. We had a little talk about that, how we all feel like we have changed since high school. The weird thing is, a lot of people like the change, whereas I feel like I have changed for the worse. I kinda miss the old me. The old me was known to be super optimistic all the time and always happy. Where have those days gone?!

I clearly remember taking the strengths quest freshman year of college. My top strength was positivity. A couple people who don't know the old me actually laughed at that. How sad! Has my optimism gone? Or am I just growing up and getting a grasp on reality? I guess I am a realist now...

Here's a line from Jen's play that is VERY applicable:
A pessimist sees the glass as half empty. An optimist sees the glass as half full. Now, the realist says, "Why did you use such a big glass?"


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Yvonne said...

I guess I didn't read this one. lol

Awe roomie, I love you TONS just the way you are! Even if I did laugh when you told me positivity, doesn’t mean I think you are negative. You can be really happy and positive when you want to and it also depends on who you have been around. We smile when we are together. lol! Love ya Noodle Bean!

Liz! said...

yay! i am glad you don't think i am negative! lol.

love you TONS tooooooo! :)

Anonymous said...

lol!! AW!!! I loved those conversations that day!! I love you!! Your great!!!

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