The Daily Accomplishments of a Senior Slug.

Today has been kinda a weird day. I finished classes for the week that left me in a semi-sluggish mood. Thankfully I had work this morning to get me up and moving, but still!

After I got off work, I had lunch with Amber...then I came back to my apartment and did pretty much nothing. I DID make a very worthwhile $10 purchase though—Chris Tomlin's new Christmas cd. It's EPIC. So, I sat listening to Christmas music for a few hours. Then, Elizabeth and I made a trek to Target in search for boots. I didn't find the ones I fell in love with online, but I still managed to spend $20. When we came home, I ordered those boots online. There goes $30 more.

So, my semi-sluggish-sit-on-the-couch-and-do-nothing-listen-to-Christmas-music-day left me $60 more broke.

And that is how proper senioritis is lived out. Go and do likewise.

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4 Responses to “ The Daily Accomplishments of a Senior Slug. ”

Yvonne said...

Judas hung himself...go and do likewise!

Anonymous said...

EPIC is loosing its epicness.

Liz! said...

ummmm....kc? lol.

RJ McCauley said...

I love the Chris Tomlin Christmas Album so much. It rocks!

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