I am learning to trust God in His redirection.

I had my heart set on going to England for three months this summer. It seemed like God wanted me there. God had placed England on my heart and since the door was wide open, I took it as a sign that He wanted me to go. But as I have experienced before, God redirects when He sees me stepping off the track of His will for me.

I have a heart for England, but I have a burden for the Jr. High Ministry at my church. Going to England for three months would have kept me away from the Jr. High Ministry for three months. I would have even missed camp.

I don't know if I am overthinking the situation, or if this is really God's hand of redirection, but currently the details just aren't coming through for my three months in England. It seems like the door is closing. Fortunately, I can still go to Creationfest! That's my light at the end of the tunnel :)

So here's to the next six months of my life! God, do what You will!

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Yvonne said...

God is good ALL the time, ALL the time God is good!!!

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