The most EPIC cousin's day!

It was the most EPIC cousin's day. Minus the fact that we were missing Yvette—two more months til she returns!

It started out with Josiah. Cutest kid on the planet. I'm proud to be related to him.

Then watch the progression:
First stop: eyebrow place in Little India. After that, there was some struggle deciding if we should eat at Baja Fresh, Kabuki, or this Indian food place that claimed they had lunch specials for $3.99. We (Me, Sarah, and Susie) ended up at Baja Fresh. Joy caught up to us after we ate, and and we headed over in one car to Guppy's. We bought our boba and headed over to a random park in Cerritos. It was great. We walked around, laid in the grass, sang "Seasons in the Sun," had some crazy adventures on the swings, experienced a proper park bathroom, and entertained ourselves in the workout area. And who could forget Joy's brownie pies! After a long day with many laughs, we went to Target. We bought the most random things, including Dots and Double Bubble! Childhood returns! Then, after spending a century in Target and after almost forgetting to pick up Joy's car, we head back to Sarah's house and have dinner and watch a movie.

EPIC. That's the only word for it.

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