My life flashed before my eyes.

My life flashed before my eyes.

$120,000 would have gone to waste because I couldn't graduate because I couldn't be in the senior show because I didn't finish my classes because I didn't finish my photoshoot with Ashley because I dropped my Nikon.

Yes, you read that right, I dropped my Nikon. My beloved humble D40. For the first time—ever.

I don't typically drop things. Especially things that cost more than $50. I have never dropped my laptop and I have never dropped my iPhone. But today was different. My photoshoot with Ashley for my Studio Photography class was just beginning. I set my Nikon on a stool. As I bent down to pick it up, the neck strap got caught on the lever and I lost control—probably because my brain shut off for a second when my heart stopped pumping oxygen to it.

Thankfully, I am short. Yet it was still the longest, most dramatic two feet drop any object has likely ever experienced. Something shattered. Not into a million little pieces, thankfully, but the pieces were broken apart. Panic. Heart racing. Brain dead. Mike ran up to check....The transmitter cover had flown off along with the batteries. Not broken. Thank God. Next came the frightening moment. My thumb flipped the camera switch to on. Then my pointer exerted more force than I thought I had at that moment on the shutter button. "Chhhlick." It worked. I sighed as my heart continued to race.

Here I am close to an hour later. My heart is still racing. But there are two things I am extremely glad about. 1 - My camera is still working. 2 - I dropped my own camera, not Mike's.

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3 Responses to “ My life flashed before my eyes. ”

Michael Berger said...

Me too.

bondChristian said...

I remember one time when my computer crashed in the middle of finals week. I thought I lost a ton of stuff. Somehow, I actually recovered most of it.

Not something to repeat. FOR SURE.

-Marshall Jones Jr.

Liz! said...

imagine how much worse it would have been if your DROPPED you laptop!

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