Birthday Sweets.

My 22nd birthday was sweet (slight pun intended)!

It started off with a yummmmmy chocolate cupcake from Bethany and a super cute homemade card.

Then, Yvonne took me out and surprised me by taking me to Yogurtland! It was so exciting to try their new red velvet flavor!

Then, Michelle took me out to the Cheesecake Factory!!!! I was such a glutton there that I didn't even take a picture! Oops!

Then, my grandma got me an ice cream cake!

Then, Brenna made me a cake...hehehe...

 parents got me a netbook!!!!!!!! Woohooooooooo!

Aaaaaand, I got a plethora of birthday comments on facebook! I tried to give the most epic thank you in the history of facebook thank you's, but alas facebook did not let me (even after I spent a super long time tagging everyone!) This was the error message I got:

So, for all 91 of you that I tried to thank on my status, THANK YOU!

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3 Responses to “ Birthday Sweets. ”

Yvonne said...

91 wooooow.

Anyway, SUPER SWEET (pun intended) blog!!!

I love you!!

heyhayley6 said...

that is so funny that facebook wouldn't let you add all those names! and I am hungry after looking at all your 'sweet' picture! lol

Liz! said...

yeah! if only i knew that before i tried 91 names! hahahaha!

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