A Lesson on Phonetics from a Soon-to-Be College Graduate

This blog is about my roommate, Yvonne.

Southern California friends, please do not take offense. But you have known Yvonne for four years now. Don't you think it's about time you learn how to pronounce her name? I mean, honestly, there shouldn't even be a debate if her name is pronounced ee-von or yuh-von. It begins with the letter Y. Since when does the letter Y make a yuh sound?!

I'm hungry-uh. Can I have some yuh-ogurt?
Awwww, what a cute puppy-uh!

Seriously people. Basic phonetics. Just think back to second grade.

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4 Responses to “ A Lesson on Phonetics from a Soon-to-Be College Graduate ”

Yvonne said...

OooOoOoOoOoO Liz!
My favorite is...Yuh-von- E?

Soooo am I supposed to write an E above my name on my card for graduation or do you think they will get it. Or better yet do you think they will laugh at me for writing it.

Wow I'm having a really hard time using Y's right not. lol!

Miray said...

ahaha this is funny. I don't really understand how someone can butcher her name considering it's semi common. My name on the other hand...I've heard everything from Mori to Mariah to Maria haha

Yvonne said...

Well Miray let me share my fav story with you. My friend Colleen and I went to Starbucks. When our drinks were done we heard "Evan and Colin." Wow we turned in to men! lol!!

Miray said...

HAHAHHA Yvonne...that's the most ridiculous thing ever! People really need to learn how to read...either that or get their eyes checked...

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