24 inch suitcase.

3 lenses.

Aaaaand all my clothes and regular stuff.

How do I fit it all?! Should I even take my Holga to England?

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3 Responses to “ Dilemma. ”

Brittany Anne said...

wear your boots on the plane. dont take the holga, thats what photo editing is for. you do get a carry on though, right? so throw as much as you can into an oversized purse. cmon Mousa! You can do it!!! And roll everything...

James "The Impaler" Taylor said...

Get a bigger suitcase. Dilemma over. =)

Liz! said...

thanks britt! i think leaving my holga at home might be smart! and i will roll my clothes!

haha and james, i totally might have to do that if i get desperate...ever though our team leaders wont be too happy.

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