God Already Knows.

I'm currently reading "On Being a Servant of God" by Warren Wiersbe. This book has been incredible from page one! It's funny how God shows me the same things over and over and over, but since I don't get it [Praise the Lord He doesn't give up on us!] He shows me yet again through something completely unrelated.

This book is about ministry, about having a servant's heart, but God taught me a little something about trust. My repeated issue in life is trusting God completely with my future—particularly in the area of relationships. I try to plan everything out. I, along with a million other single girls, am constantly on the lookout for "the one." Any prospective immediately becomes an emotional target. Problem? Definitely. Where is God in this picture? How can I be waiting for God's best if I am trying to find the right person on my own?

Wiersbe writes about the miracle where Jesus fed the five thousand: "The disciples were trying to be manufacturers. They thought that it was their responsibility to come up with the money or the food or some clever way to solve the problem. But all the while, 'He Himself knew what He would do' (John 6:6)."

God knows what He is going to do with me. He knows who the right person for me is. I don't need to figure it out on my own. God already knows.

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Yvonne said...

What He has for you, will put what you think you wanted to shame!
I am dealing with that right now, and I am in awe!

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