15 days til Fall!

There's just something about sitting outside and reading a good book.

Fall is upon us. 15 more days. (Yes, I choose to call it Fall as opposed to Autumn because the word "Fall" just lets you envision the leaves falling from the trees.) 

I love this season. It's just beautiful. And although it begins to get colder and sometimes is too cold to sit outside and read, it's nice to just snuggle up on the couch sometimes under a warm, fuzzy blanket with a large mug of coffee and a good book. Doing that is the perfect preface to Christmas :)

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5 Responses to “ 15 days til Fall! ”

Yvonne said...

I also love Fall, FAVORITE season by faaaaaaar!!! I just wish it was as pretty here as it is in so many other states!

Yvonne said...

Lets go to Iowa!

Liz! said...

yes please! and wyoming and vermont!

Yvonne said...

When do we leave?

Liz! said...

yesterday :P

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