Linkage. Wise or Unwise?

There is a link for this blog on my website. My website's url is on my business cards and on my resume. Clash of interests? Is it unwise for me to link to this "unprofessional" blog on things that might contribute to my professional career? I have nothing to hide, but...

What do you think?

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One Response to “ Linkage. Wise or Unwise? ”

kansasmarie said...

I just saw this...I might be late on posting but I feel that you shouldn't. Meaning, there is a fine line between professional and personal life nowadays. When is too much information shared? I have tried to get myself in the habit of posting professional material on my photography blog and my personal life on my personal blog. I don't allow my clients to friend request me until payment is made and we are finished with the shoot. The client's, coworkers, students, bosses, potential employers, don't need to know about your late night sushi run with your bff. Just my opinion but I understand how difficult it is too!

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