Divine Appointment

Well, it's that time of year again.

I'm sitting in a quaint English cottage in Cornwall, England at the moment. It's pouring rain outside and I can hear it through the windows. It is perfection here. I could live here for the rest of my life.

Creationfest starts on Saturday. I am sooooo excited to see all the awesome things God is going to do this year! God has already showed His hand. Today, we went out to a small town called Padstow. This was the same town where Briana and I had met a woman last year who tugged at our hearts. She was supposed to move away in January to marry a man she really shouldn't have married. Randomly throughout the year, I would remember her and pray for her. But strangely, I never once thought to pray that God would have intervened and stopped the wedding plans. Briana made a mention of that today, and immediately I started praying that it would have been the case.

When we got to Padstow, we booked it to the insurance place where she worked. After about a minute (only!) we saw her! Talk about a divine appointment! She didn't have time to stand and chat at that moment, but she told us when she would be off of work. We went back and exchanged facebook info and phone numbers later. So cool to see how God worked that out.

Lord, please use me as an encouragement to this woman. It was Your divine appointment, now please work Your divine work in Your divine timing.

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