Seek Me When The Sun Is Shining

Give Me every care. 
Give Me every burden.
Give Me every fear.
I stand ready to help you.
You have only BEGUN to taste of My goodness.
I am loving you all the time, but you come to Me mostly in periods of stress.
I want to teach you to live continually in My presence.
I can give you more constructive help when you are well than when you are sick,
but when you are well, you are too busy to give Me the opportunity to minister.

So I help you now in the hour of discouragement,
and I ask you to seek Me when the sun is shining and all is well again.
Now I can comfort; then I can teach. 
Now I can bless you, but then I can help you even more.

Be obedient.
I have a beautiful work for you to do for Me.

Psalm 55:22
"Cast your burden on the LORD, and He will sustain you;
He will never permit the righteous to be moved."

-from Progress of Another Pilgrim: The Original Devotional Classic, Powerful and Enduring (Complete and Unabridged) by Frances Roberts

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