Just pay attention and respond appropriately.

I love when God uses novels to speak to me. Ahh the beauty of Christian novels.

Right now, I am on the last book of a Christian romance novel series. The first two books were amazing. Buuuut, the last one isn't going as expected. I guess I was expecting it to be a fairy tale ending, but it's looking a lot more realistic than fairy tale at this point.

I got frustrated. I even flipped to the back of the book to get a sneak peak at what would happen. I got even more frustrated and put the book down for a couple days. Today, I picked it up again. (I never quit midway through a book.)

Of course, God met me right where I'm at. Always. The last couple of lines of the chapter I was reading hit me like a brick. I couldn't even read any further.

"Just pay attention to what God is doing, Katie. That's all I'm saying. Just pay attention and respond appropriately."

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