A Crazy Summer

Every time summer gets close, I become really bad at keeping up with my blog. This summer in particular...cuz this summer is cuh-raaaazy.

First, Yvonne came to visit! It was incredible having a friend from the states here. We had so much fun! I took her to Cadbury World, we had a London day, we visited a castle, and we spent plenty of days in town. Here are a couple pics from her visit!

Craig finishes school this Friday and then our six week summer officially begins. We're going to kick off the holidays by spending a couple days in Gloucester with Mum and Dad. After that, a friend of Jevon is coming and staying with us.

After that is Creationfest.
After that, my friend Sera is coming to stay with us for a couple days.
After that, Craig and I are heading to London cuz my parents are coming!
After a couple days in London, we'll bring my parents back to Birmingham with us. They'll be here for two weeks.
After that, there's only about one week left of summer before Craig heads back to school.

My, how time flies!!

Although it's already looking like a crazy summer, I'm excited for it! It's going to be tons of fun! So many things are going on in life right now so crazy and busy is always welcome!

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3 Responses to “ A Crazy Summer ”

Jenna said...

Sounds like a fantastic summer :)

Elizabeth Walker said...

Fantastic indeed! :)

Kerry Miller said...

Sounds like an amazing summer! It sometimes gets overwhelming to keep up with certain things, but in the end of your summer you will have so much amazing things to share. That's awesome that you get to have your parents come visit along with friends! How was Cadbury World? sounds like a delicious place to visit :)

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