Ethan - 2 Months

A little late is better than never, right?

This should have been posted on the 3rd, but here it is 10 days late!

I'm 2 months old today!
I can almost completely support my own head.
I usually sleep through the night and that makes Mommy and Daddy happy!
I love being held upright—I’m a big boy!
I love standing and love my walking lessons from Daddy! 
During playtime, Mommy always tells me how much she loves my smile and that makes me smile even more! smile emoticon
I still don’t like getting my nappy changed, but I’m getting more used to it now.
I’ve graduated from my baby bath to the big bath tub and I’m starting to outgrow some of my clothing!
I love cuddles and kisses, especially from my Mommy and Daddy!

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