The Carrot Battle.

Carrots are the infamous allergy.

I thought I was the lone soldier of the carrot war in this world. Then I found out Andrew was allergic to them too!

Today, we decided to be brave and march right into the front lines of battle. After all, we do like carrots. At our graphic design dinner, we each ate one.

Now, we are dealing with the battle wounds. Andrew is suffering from a crazy cough and a bloody nose, while I am suffering from a developing stomachache and a slight inability to breathe (wishing my allergy inhaler was here at cbu rather than at home 50 miles away).

Don't worry. We will survive! We are tough soldiers!

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2 Responses to “ The Carrot Battle. ”

Andrew H. said...

I'm Still Alive!

Liz! said...

me too! yay! see, i knew we were tough soldiers!

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