Obama. And Wanda.

So, I had the most random dream EVER. It honestly makes no sense.

I dreamt I was totally hanging out with Obama. There were these big buckets of money—just coins. And I was like, "Let me count them! I bet I can count them super fast and get into the Guinness Book of World Records!" And Obama was like, "I bet I can beat you!" So we both started this crazy race to see who can count coins the fastest. SO WEIRD.

On a different note, Wanda is the cutest woman in the whole world! Yvonne and I are totally her buddies! She loves us. Anyways, the other day, she was like, "What size shirts do you girls wear?" So we told her. Today, when we walked into the caf, she was like, "Girls, wait right here." She walks away and comes back with two bags all pretty with tissue paper and everything!

She got us Wanda's shirts! She's soooooo cute! I can't believe she gave us gifts! I love Wanda!

Photo of us in our Wanda's shirts WITH Wanda coming soon.

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5 Responses to “ Obama. And Wanda. ”

aprilmclean said...

YOUR DREAM IS AWESOME! (You would have beat Obama) hahah!

And Wanda is amazing! lol :)

Jacob said...

So who won?!

Liz! said...

i donno! i don't remember that part of the dream!

tragic, i know. i am just assuming i won.

Faith said...

Well you know, Obama did say something about change. XD

Yvonne said...

I LOVE Miss. Wanda!!!!


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