If you know me even the least bit, you should know that I am very fond of countdowns. And since that is the case, I will share my current ones with you...

17 days until the last day of school.
59 days til I go up to Norcal to visit Yvonne!
99 days til Jr. High Summer Camp!
113 days til England!

Notice, the countdown to the last day of school does not have an exclamation point at the end. And that is due to the fact that I cannot fathom actually being able to finish all the work that I have to do before that day. I know I keep venting about school, and for that I apologize. Please pray for me. Thanks friends. is calling out your name!

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4 Responses to “ Countdowns. ”

Jacob said...

The link to your polaroid blog made me laugh

Bethany said...

You forgot one!..

1 day til Easter! Yes!!! :) :)

Liz! said...

is that cuz i made it super little and then said it's "calling out your name?" hahaha.

Yvonne said...


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