Flirting with EMTs

Today, I witnessed a bunch of teenage girls make themselves look like complete idiots.

As Jen and I sat at a small table at Starbucks, two EMTs sat at a table close by. A group of about five girls sat at the table right next to them. They kept glancing at the EMTs and doing the flirtatious giggle. Mistake number one. About half an hour later when they got up to leave, they all waved and said goodbye in way too high of a pitch. Mistake number two. Their now unoccupied table sat empty for only a couple minutes until two more young girls came. These girls seemed all too eager to follow the belief that EMTs are chick magnets, immediately causing themselves to look like idiots. One of the girls got up to get her drink, and when she returned, managed to drop it. It was pretty dramatic if you ask me. It almost seemed to go in slow motion—the cap flew off, half the whipped cream landed on one of the EMT's arms, and the other half splattered onto the ground. Instead of running to grab some napkins for the poor guy, this girl proceeded to do the all-too-familiar flirtatious giggle as she repeatedly said sorry. The guy ended up going to grab napkins for himself. You could tell these two EMTs were fed up. They got up and left a few minutes later.

Jen and I continued our coffee date and sat and chatted for at least another hour. When we walked to the car afterwards, I noticed an ambulance in the parking lot. I glanced—there they were, sitting in the ambulance! Those poor, fed up EMTs! They couldn't even handle sitting in Starbucks because of those ridiculous idiotic teenage girls!

Moral of the story: Don't flirt with an EMT; chances are, the only thing you will accomplish is making yourself look like an idiot.

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Yvonne said...


She should have said "Now THATS where I want my whippped cream!"


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