Words with Friends

Jon Acuff, definitely one of my heros, posted this on his twitter the other day:

"Is it possible that 'Words with Friends' is the 6th Love Language?"

While he was just being silly like usual, he made a valid point. Words with Friends consumes me. Even when I stopped using my iPhone as a phone, I refrained from selling it so I could continue using the apps, specifically Words with Friends.

There's something about playing that game with someone. It makes me feel loved. If I don't know you all that well yet you still play a game with me, I feel like I've gotten to know you a whole lot more. On the other hand, if we are close friends and you refuse a game with me, I feel rejected and a bit hurt.

Words with Friends very well might be my love language.

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One Response to “ Words with Friends ”

Yvonne said...

Awe roomie, i'm sorry I don't have an I...anything...to play that with you!

Good thing you have more than one love language!

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