In The Bag

"In the bag" blogs are a popular trend these days, so I thought I'd hop onto the bandwagon! :P

1 - My pretty vintage accordion wallet from Charlotte Russe. Can't ever leave home without the wallet!
2 - I always need an extra hair band and clip. I never know when my thick, curly hair will break the one already in my hair! lol.
3 - Lip gloss and chapstick: a girl's best friend.
4 - My phone. Whoever said, "Once you go iphone, you can never go back" was wrong. I went iphone...and then I went back.
5 - Nailclipper. I break my nails way too much.
6 - Flash drive: the outlet for my inner nerd.
7 - Pens and highlighter. I'm OCD. These are the only colors I use in my Bible.
8 - I'm NEVER without my pack of gum. And I'm not picky with brands either.
9 - Knock off brand tide-to-go stick. Lifesaver.
10 - My planner. I write EVERYTHING down.
11 - Lotion and body spray. You never know when you'll need a "shower on the go!"
12 - Point and shoot camera. Never leaves my side.

I'm so glad all these things fit inside my new Fossil Key-Per! :)
(And for those of you who know how cheap I am, know that I used a lovely coupon when I bought this purse. Haha.)

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