Color Names

There's a part in the movie "Sydney White" where the sorority girls are being quizzed. Sydney gets asked the sorority colors and when she answers "green and white," the sorority president answers, "Wrong. Emerald and pearl." Her immediate response is, "I'm sorry, I don't know how to speak priss."

This was almost how I felt at Urban Outfitters last week. I wanted a pair of their red mary janes, but they seemed to have every color but red at the store. My option was to order online—but at the store, so I could get the shipping fee waived. They were priced 2 for $20 so I also chose the navy blue one. Simple enough, right? Red and navy blue. But when I heard the guy on the phone ordering them, he ordered "berry and sapphire." Seriously?! As if that isn't bad enough, when they came in the mail later that week, the order slip said "bright red and cobalt."

Now this brings up a question that I've had for some time....What is the job title for color namers? I'd like to be one. I'll learn how to speak priss, get that job, and live a nice, comfortable life.

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SavedthruLove said...

at bcbg we would get yelled at if we called a blouse or garment by the neame that it wasn't given. Like we had this pretty light blue color in season and I was told to memorize the seasons line colors. This blue I liked was FROST. Not light blue, not sky blue but FROST. AND THAT WAS WHAT I WAS SUPPOSED TO SAY WHENEVER I TALKED ABOUT ANYTHING THAT COLOR WITH CLIENTS. I know it's pretty ridiculous but I too wonder why we couldn't just keep it real and say light blue... haha


Liz! said...

I'm glad you knew exactly what I was talking about! haha! Do you still work at bcbg??

SavedthruLove said...

no! i'm at the bank now. I worked for BCBG in 2008! long ago..

Liz! said...

oh yeah! that's right. i totally knew about the bank!

Yvonne said...

Colleen and I had a whole conversation about he people who name streets once. lol!

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