A typical conversation about Urban Outfitters employees...

Me: Don't you just love how I was totally checking them out?

Jen: Well, they're part of the merchandise since they're wearing the merchandise...so they're meant to be checked out.


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4 Responses to “ A typical conversation about Urban Outfitters employees... ”

SavedthruLove said...

haha. Your silly! Btw I just had the sudden thought to be your guinea pig and have like a fun "Sunny day" photo shoot. I know you get down with photography and I want some cool pics... win win yeah!! :)?? haha

love you


Liz! said...


I'm totally up for a photoshoot! Let's plan one! :)

gwenevere said...

Haha! I am totally going to shop there now.
.....Not to check out the employees. I love the clothes! :D

Liz! said...

Me tooooooo! There's a cool one by Calvary Costa Mesa...we should make a fun Monday night out of it one time (when we aren't feeling broke) lol.

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