Dead End.

Blogging is the method I use to process my thoughts.

Unfortunately for me, this specific thought process hit a dead end.

I have made my decision; I would like a man who is involved in the same ministries as me. It just makes things easier because it means both our hearts are in the same place.

Currently, I'm involved in the Jr. High ministry. How is that problematic, might you ask? Well, let me tell you. My church makes it a little complicated to get involved in this ministry. They prefer to have people they know, people that go to school there. Are you following me? People that go to school there, aka, people in high school. On average, high school seniors graduate at 18. I am currently 22. So as of this very moment, the oldest guy I could possibly meet would be 4 years younger than me. And I'm only getting older. And this is where I hit a dead end.

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2 Responses to “ Dead End. ”

Yvonne said...

He doesn't have to be in the JR High Ministry at your Church. Maybe he'll be a Junior High teacher or something else that works for them. Or maybe he just loves Jr Highers and wants to be involved. There is still hope, just widen the scope a little!

Liz! said...

lol! i donno how to widen my scope!

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