All Sunshine in the Gladness of Belonging to Him

"The circumstances of her life she could not alter, but she took them to the Lord, 
and handed them over into His management; and then she believed that He took it, 
and she left all the responsibility and the worry and anxiety with Him. 
As often as the anxieties returned she took them back; 
and the result was that, although the circumstances remained unchanged, 
her soul was kept in perfect peace in the midst of them. 
And the secret she found so effectual in her outward affairs, 
she found to be still more effectual in her inward ones, 
which were in truth even more utterly unmanageable. 
She abandoned her whole self to the Lord, with all that she was and all that she had; 
and, believing that He took that which she had committed to Him, 
she ceased to fret and worry, 
and her life became all sunshine in the gladness of belonging to Him."

-H. W. Smith

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2 Responses to “ All Sunshine in the Gladness of Belonging to Him ”

hopeful.heart said...

This is beautiful, I hope I can achieve it. Thanks for posting this Liz(:

Liz! said...

I hope I can achieve it as well! Glad you were blessed by it! :)

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