I am extremely blessed.

God has been answering prayer after prayer after prayer. I posted a blog entitled "Questions" not too long ago. It is always amusing to me to see how quickly those questions turn into answers.

This string of answers all built upon each other. It all began with a job.

I got a full-time job!!!!!!!!!!! Praise the Lord!!!

Having a full-time job only makes getting a new car a possibility. My car is nearing retirement so I am relieved that I will be able to replace it by the end of the year. Answer #2.

When I got offered this job, one of the thoughts that immediately worried me was that they might not be okay with my England trip. God opened the doors for this trip once again so I knew He wanted me to go. I came to the conclusion that if this new job wasn't okay with the trip, I would reject the job offer. I began praying. I knew that God had also opened the door for this job, so I had faith that He wouldn't make me pick one thing over the other. After playing intense phone tag with my new boss, I finally was able to reach her. I told her about the trip and not only was she okay with it, she was 100% understanding! She even made it clear to me that she has been in the same situation and that an employer can't expect the employee to put their life on hold for the sake of the job! So amazing. Answer #3.

One of the hardest things for me was telling my current job. I hate goodbyes. And in all honesty, I didn't want to leave! Working at a small church as a graphic designer was absolutely perfect for me. I loved every moment. The only problem was that working only ten hours a week just wasn't paying the bills. I needed more. I prayed so hard asking God to help me tell my boss. I also asked God to make it possible to work something out with the church. God not only helped me tell my boss, but He made everything about the situation work out smoothly. I not only received the most loving congratulations from him, but he also worked out a deal with me so I can still work for them and do the work from home! Amazing! I don't have to leave the place I love. Answer #4.

God answered four prayers in two days. And not only were they answers, they were far greater than I could have ever imagined! That only goes to show that God's ways are indeed higher than our ways.

Thank you, Lord, for being so faithful. Thank you for always providing for me even more abundantly than what I ask. Thank you for coming through in the perfect timing.

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Yvonne said...


Praise the Lord!!!

Anonymous said...

God is so faithful --- thrilled for you!!! Thanks for sharing.

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