Brushing Curly Hair

Brushing curly hair is one of those things—you either struggle through it or you just don't bother. I'm one of those people who falls into the second category. My hair, in addition to being curly, can frizz like none other. It's not the type of hair that you should even attempt to brush.

I came to this realization earlier today...I haven't straightened my hair for two month. That means I haven't brushed my hair for two months. That's kinda weird to admit...especially publicly on the internet.

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One Response to “ Brushing Curly Hair ”

SavedthruLove said...

haha.. I run my fingers through mine while it is still wet to detangle then let GOD do the rest. Don't trip girl. With curls one must keep trying things out until they find what they like...haha


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