Are raw beans poisonous?

I have a reputation among my family and friends of being a rabbit. I love snacking on raw vegetables!

Today, I experienced something strange. I bought some string beans from Tesco with the intention of eating them raw (as I often do with veggies). I happened to glance at the label and read, "Caution: Do not eat raw." I was confused why it was so dramatic sounding and proceeded to google it. Now, I'm scared. This is what I found.

Raw beans are poisonous because they contain prussic (hydrocyanic) acid, which is rendered not dangerous only by cooking. It was only in 1957 that prussic acid protein was discovered in string beans. A few hours after eating raw beans or bean seeds, some individuals become sick from low blood pressure, vomiting, stomach ache, circulation problems, convulsions, or heart palpitations. These poison symptoms are possible with all beans. The susceptibility to these reactions to beans is heriditary. Because they contain protein - Phasin?, raw beans can result in nausea and vomiting in sensitive people, which can be disrupted by heat. String beans nourish the blood and strengthen the nerves and bones. They help reduce high blood pressure and improve the function of insulin. However, they cannot replace medical treatments for diabetes. They are prophylactic/preventive. Correct preparation: Always eat green beans cooked or steamed -- as a side dish or a salad. Careful: raw beans are poisonous. Plant poisonings are the most common cause of calls to the poison control center. Poisonous plants include arnica, Aronstab, henbane, raw string beans, holly, dieffenbachia, yew, monkshood, foxglove (digitalis), laburnum, autumn crocus, cactus with poisonous spines, lupine, cockchafer, narcissus, oleander, castor, poppy, hemlock, thornapple, deadly nightshade, Christmas star, meadow hogweed, bryony, green and unripe potatoes, green pieces of grown potato tubers lying on the ground, and also green, unripe tomatoes and many other flowers and berries.

Doctor friends, what do you think?

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