Why I Have the Best Mother-in-Law (and Husband)

Today is my 26th birthday. I have a tendency to celebrate for a drawn out period of time. It's just more fun that way. On Saturday, Craig and his parents took me on a surprise adventure to Warwick Castle. It was so much fun! I've wanted to go there for some time now. Afterwards, we came home and ordered Chinese Takeaway from our favorite, King's Kitchen. Craig's parents spent the night and came with us to church on Sunday morning. The plan was that we were going to have a BBQ after church.

The frustrating thing is, I woke up on Sunday morning with throat pain—it hurt to swallow. That's always a bad sign with me. That's how I know I am getting sick. I tried to ignore it. After all, we were having a BBQ to celebrate my birthday and English Mother's Day! But by the early evening, I was slowly going down. I started getting hot shivers and cold sweats. We measured my temperature and it was a whopping 101ºF. WHY does this have to happen to me the day before my birthday?! My husband and mother-in-law took such good care of me though, covering me with blankets and bringing me everything I asked for. I felt guilty making my mother-in-law do things for me on Mother's Day but she assured me it wasn't a problem. I am so blessed. I am so loved and taken care of. My husband even woke up early to go to Tesco to buy my some Powerade.

Thank You, Lord, for giving me such an incredible family. 

Photo taken at Warwick Castle

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