Little Faith

I was scrolling through old unpublished blog drafts today when I found this:

"Maybe you shouldn't go to Creationfest...that's where all your drama starts!"
Those words came out of a friend's mouth tonight. My initial reaction was defensiveness, but then I thought, is God trying to tell me something. Is it strange that all my drama (which always deals with my biggest struggle) begins on a missions trip? Is Satan attacking me to weaken my ministry?

The funny thing is, I typed this on November 4th, 2011. I don't even remember which friend it was that told me that, but I definitely remember the drama that she was talking about. Ironically, this was the same year I met my husband. In fact, we stated dating about 3 weeks after I typed this out. God sure has a sense of humor! He teaches me time and time again how His plans are wayyyyy better than mine. Hopefully someday I'll learn to trust the Lord FULLY with my dreams and desires.

Thank You, Lord, for constantly blessing me even though I have such little faith and am so undeserving. 

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