Pregnancy Log: Week 31

Nine weeks left! We are now in the single digits! WHOA! This past week reminded me of week 27, the memorable week where I landed in the hospital. Yesterday, that all too familiar pain returned and even the meds didn't help. I was praying so hard because I didn't want to go to the hospital again—and praise the Lord, I didn't have to. They day was kind of a waste though; I spent most of the day in bed. Today is a new day though! Hello 31 weeks! Tomorrow is my baby shower...can't wait! 

Week 31:
Symptoms: Shortness of breath, back pain, swollen feet, difficulty sleeping, tummy aches, random nausea, itchy belly, and morning sickness.

How I'm feeling: I'm alright...

Cravings: I'm not sure actually...haha!

Aversions: "heavy" foods.

Anything To Report?: My baby shower is tomorrow! I'm so excited that I'm mentioning it twice! Haha! :)

Wedding Ring: On!

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