Random indeed.

My ankle hurts. I have no idea why and I have no idea what caused it. But it feels sprained. Funny thing is, it was fine a few hours ago and this just happened all of a sudden. Maybe it's just my in my head. Who knows? Oh, about my head, I feel like there is a bruise on the top of it. Donno how it got there. Can't see it cuz my hair is blocking it. But it hurts. Ugh. I am falling apart.

K, funny story. I was on Louie Giglio's blog. There's this pic of David Crowder and the caption says "DC in Paris." I was soooo confused. I seriously spent like 5 minutes staring at it wondering how that was possible. Finally, it dawned on me. "DC" stands for David Crowder. Wow. Slow moment?

Anyways, since this blog was completely useless, I figured I'd give you something more beneficial to read. Britt Merrick's new blog post...check it out!

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